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  • Fierce, and even 1 years to receive 10000 yuan subsidy!

    How much does it cost to build a home photovoltaic power station? How large is it? The cost depends on two factors: 1. cost of parts. Photovoltaic inverter, components and so on. Followed by different PV installation companies have their ow......

  • Notice! These 3 scenarios install photovoltaic without state

    2017 is the family of distributed photovoltaic installation of the outbreak, only the first half of the installation volume growth in the same period about 3 times, so more and more people began to consider the installation of photovoltaic......

  • Dried food! On the ten problems in a photovoltaic grid

    1., how to apply for distributed photovoltaic grid connected system access to Power Grid Corp? Submit the application to the distributed project owners access to the city or county Power Grid Corp customer service center in the preparation......

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