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Photovoltaic power generation technology has significant energy, environmental protection and economic benefits. It is one of the best quality green energy, and it is a technology and key development industry in the world. Its working principle is not complicated. That is to say, photovoltaic cells made from semiconductor materials such as silicon will convert sunlight into electric current, and integrate current into grid through photovoltaic transformer. Then, it can continuously provide electric energy. According to the statistics of the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), under the average sunshine condition in China, the installation of 1 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation system can generate 1200 kilowatts in 1 years, which can reduce the coal consumption by about 400 kilograms, reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by about 1 tons, and effectively promote energy saving and emission reduction. And compared with the conventional energy generation, the operating and maintenance costs of the grid connected PV power generation system are very low, and the operation cost can be saved.