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The application of solar energy can effectively change the pattern of fossil fuel all over the world, and make the Scientific Outlook on Development "energy saving" and "emission reduction" step by step. Mount Huangshan silver - New Energy Co. Ltd. with a sharp eye, the development trend of new energy science and technology insight, to provide professional technical support and customer service pre-sales service to customers, and constantly promote the development of new energy technologies, to further reduce the manufacturing cost of a solar power plant, so that the sun can power the inexhaustible green energy into thousands of households. The world's conventional energy is limited. China's primary energy is limited. China's primary energy reserves are far below the world average level, only about ten percent of the world's total reserves. The sun energy is not inexhaustible, and the future of mankind the most suitable, the most reliable and safe, the most green, most ideal and most lasting alternative energy, with full cleaning, absolute safety, relatively extensive, indeed the long life and maintenance free, resource adequacy and potential the economic advantages, plays an important role in the long-term energy strategy. Now there are sun shading roofs photovoltaic power, cement flat top photovoltaic power generation, household photovoltaic power generation, etc.