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  • Except for the efficiency and the profit of the photovoltaic profit of the photovoltaic

  • Happy birthday, dear party

  • Solar cells are afraid of the sun? How to break?

    Solar :cell afraid of the sun, a sun will see light dead? This may sound ironic, but its also true. Backplane ultraviolet photolysis, EVA color, organic cell (organic batteries, fuel cells sensitization, perovskite battery) ultraviolet ph

  • Dragon boat welfare strikes, do you have

    The Dragon Boat Festival steps closer and closer, every festival, always can not hide the joy of the heart. Company in order to thank the staff for the development of the company to her love lowes stick to jobs, specially prepared holiday b

  • Assist the bank to negotiate and solve the financing problem

    On June 8, 2018 morning, the provinces and cities four send a suit ShuangQian engineering group synergy anhui TV to my company research discussion, when Im chairman of the board of directors of the company, huangshan area by letter committe

  • Summer heat treatment and special weather disposal method fo

    Burning hot summer is coming, most areas in China has been more than 30 ℃ high temperature weather, and even some parts of the local temperature reached 35 ℃! The owner of the photovoltaic power station is happy to know that even if it

  • How much more than a single crystal?

    Although we are in the era of rapid development of science and technology, many problems of human society were beaten, AI technology continues to challenge the limit of human intelligence, yet our understanding of some basic things are wron

  • What kind of roof is suitable for installing photovoltaic po

    Our house buildings are generally divided into three types of roof structures: cement roof, color steel roof and tile roof. According to the photovoltaic installation conditions, it is divided into two types: flat roof and sloping roof. We

  • Instructions! Getting a photovoltaic subsidy is a four-step

    Family photovoltaic has exploded in many places, and a large number of people have been able to make money when they see other peoples clothes lying on their backs. Especially in small country towns, every family has a roof, which is conven

  • Instructions! Getting a photovoltaic subsidy is a four-step

    Family photovoltaic has exploded in many places, and a large number of people have been able to make money when they see other peoples clothes lying on their backs. Especially in small country towns, every family has a roof, which is conven

  • Photovoltaic power generation is once again written into the

    Current national policy and trend, for new energy especially photovoltaic, is a huge vents. As the saying goes, pigs can fly, and more and more people join the photovoltaic industry. Photovoltaic writing planning for the prosperous border a

  • Thank you for your hard work and best wishes for the new yea

    2018 狗 年 大 吉 HAPPY NEW YEAR On the coming of the new spring festival, huanshan yinjiao new energy technology Co., Ltd. with all the staff wish all the new and old customers in the new year to make money in the new year, the best of

  • Why change the meter and add it?

    Often there is a user in the photovoltaic power station network, running to ask a small editor, why to change the electricity meter? An electric meter is also added. Why? Why do you change the electric meter? The electricity meters that are

  • How does the inverter display ac overpressure?

    Photovoltaic (pv) grid generation is more and more popular now, but for most people, the photovoltaic (pv) grid system is still not familiar with, like to television refrigerator especially grid inverter. Even some install the companys tech

  • Benefit analysis of 5KW photovoltaic power station.

    2018 distributed photovoltaic continue according to the electricity subsidy policy, all of them, and electricity price subsidies standards by 0.05 yuan/KWH, which reduced to 0.37 yuan from 0.42 yuan/KWH/KWH. The execution time of subsidies

  • Where is photovoltaic power? Why are so many people installi

    The so-called family photovoltaic (pv), is mainly refers to in the familys own roof, installation and use of distributed solar power system. The photovoltaic industry and commerce, mainly refers to the industrial enterprises own roof, insta

  • The fastest growing job is a photovoltaic installer?

    As the countrys new rural construction, more and more people from cities to rural areas, to build a beautiful home. Then at home to do the line of the most profitable? Of course is the most fire industry, photovoltaic power generation! Rece

  • What happens when snow falls on photovoltaic power stations?

    1. how to do it snow Remember two points, one is the large Angle to install solar panels. This reduces the snow accumulation, the trouble of removing snow from time to time. \In you hesitate whether to choose 30 or 40 degrees, 40 degrees, a

  • Installation case: 400KW power station and network successfu

    The good news, good news, by our company is a large-scale photovoltaic power station officially completed, and has set up a parallel operation, the success is WBH ah, the construction of the site is in zhejiang sanxin network technology co.,

  • How to adjust the price of photovoltaic electricity next yea

    Photovoltaic pv electricity price adjustment, affects the each persons heart. For electricity prices in 2018, there are a lot of that before. Collected two calls for larger, and the recent enthusiastic readers, for your reference. Recent le

  • Not enough area to increase the installed capacity

    Contact small make up some partners, recently said that in the process of building photovoltaic power station, in avoiding barrier problem such as premise, to increase capacity, to get more profits, but found that the roof area is not enough

  • The "photovoltaic village" allows nomads to live a new life

    New dwellings of white wall tiles adorn the Mongolian auspicious patterns, blue solar panels on the roof in the sun shines, the rolling hills in the distance on winter clothing. Mongolian herdsman, a 65 - year - old AoJiEr batu standing in

  • Single, multi-crystal components cost of power generation

    Monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar battery components has a history of decades of plant power generation technology is relatively mature, the academic circles of single, their respective advantages and disadvantages o

  • The 5 rumours are absolutely impossible to believe!

    Photovoltaic power generation into the homes of ordinary people, people become the electric power plant owners, investment income, the power of state subsidies, lying in the house the sun for you to make money, but these rumors about solar p

  • Huangshan silver contact photovoltaic power station installa

    In recent months, huangshan silver contact photovoltaic engineering construction personnel from heat to late autumn, successfully completed a and the installation of a photovoltaic power station project and interconnection, respect-work spi

  • Fierce, and even 1 years to receive 10000 yuan subsidy!

    How much does it cost to build a home photovoltaic power station? How large is it? The cost depends on two factors: 1. cost of parts. Photovoltaic inverter, components and so on. Followed by different PV installation companies have their ow

  • Notice! These 3 scenarios install photovoltaic without state

    2017 is the family of distributed photovoltaic installation of the outbreak, only the first half of the installation volume growth in the same period about 3 times, so more and more people began to consider the installation of photovoltaic

  • Dried food! On the ten problems in a photovoltaic grid

    1., how to apply for distributed photovoltaic grid connected system access to Power Grid Corp? Submit the application to the distributed project owners access to the city or county Power Grid Corp customer service center in the preparation

  • Distributed pv inverter installation knowledge

    With the national policy support for new energy resources, distributed photovoltaic (pv) has become a new trend in the development of photovoltaic (pv) in the future. Distributed power plant installation is varied, in photovoltaic power gen

  • The photovoltaic + "innovation industry will flourish

    Why do we always insist on pv? The total demand, flower at home and abroad together. Domestic market, while the ground type plant growth is slowing, but distributed market growth is anticipated, combined with the leading capacity, photovolt

  • The photovoltaic + "innovation industry will flourish

    Why do we always insist on pv? The total demand, flower at home and abroad together. Domestic market, while the ground type plant growth is slowing, but distributed market growth is anticipated, combined with the leading capacity, photovolt

  • What are DBB, EPC, BOT, and EMC?

    Pv projects such as large and small projects, according to investors, construction units, and other project participants in the status of project management, can be divided into a variety of patterns, such as DBB, PCM, EPC, BOT, CM, etc. Th

  • How to calculate the attenuation rate of PV modules?

    In the era of pv, the installation of photovoltaic power system in every household is not only the means of getting rich, but also the trend of future household electricity consumption.Mentioned the benefits of photovoltaic power generation

  • What do you do with the photovoltaic demolition?

    Many owners who want to install a home photovoltaic power station are particularly concerned about a problem: how can the power station be compensated if a demolition is encountered?Today small make up first give a talk to everybody to talk

  • How can we increase the capacity of photovoltaic power plant

    With the rapid development of residential photovoltaic industry, the photovoltaic system installation is now eight village in ten can see some residents of the home on the roof, looking at their own idle roof into a money machine, I believe

  • PV rooftop operation and maintenance and cost

    Distributed roof photovoltaic development so far, technology has become mature, and later maintenance of the power generation efficiency is very important. There are many kinds of late roof photovoltaic power station maintenance method, hou

  • The development trend of pv group inverters

    The domestic pv industry has developed rapidly since 2015, when the country launched the pv frontrunner program. Companies are taking a look at innovation in research and development. In particular, with the increase of complex hill station

  • Photovoltaic subsidies have been relied on for 20 years

    Many people install photovoltaic power station in consulting related issues, common worry about one thing: photovoltaic subsidies, whether on unreliable?Really for 20 years?Is there a specific policy to the state?Every day just to give you

  • Do you know what are the main pollutants on the PV panel?

    Solar panels were first used in outer space exploration before the energy crisis began. The dust of solar panels on the outer space by ultraviolet irradiation or in the process of friction will be charged with the atmosphere, if the surface

  • Come with me, there's something you want to ask

    Photovoltaic power generation as an emerging project, is entering the tens of thousands of households, it can be said that a class of household appliances, but also an investment products, but also a class of environmentally friendly produc

  • Family pv can not neglect the maintenance

    Photovoltaic power station, you maintain the right? Household photovoltaic (pv) can make money, and rural residents at present all over the country villa, in the home on the roof installation of photovoltaic power station, power generation,

  • Welcome customers from henan and Beijing to visit

    On June 30, 2017, henan and Beijing customer line come to huangshan silver contact new energy technology co., LTD., an on-the-spot investigation visit factory, inspect the photovoltaic solar panels and other components of the production pro

  • Three kinds of inverter schemes must be known!

    With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the industry has become more and more big, and the competition in the industry has gradually changed. The technology routes are varied and the quality of photovoltaic equipment is une

  • Photovoltaic panel, inverter, stenting time

    Now widely distributed photovoltaic system entered innumberable families, also more and more people are paying attention to the industry, the photovoltaic system components, inverter, accessories, etc should be how long is the warranty? 1,

  • How can the photovoltaic power station be less detours?

    As distributed photovoltaic energy policy and perfect, for residents to apply for photovoltaic power generation system of the process also gradually clear.But the background or have a lot of friend ask how photovoltaic application, such as

  • The hidden crack, identification and prevention of pv module

    Cracked, hot spot, the PID effect, is the property of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules of three important factors.Today small make up take you to find out the reason for the battery slice of cracked, how to identify and prevent metho

  • Lord zhang you're going to fire!

    In the early summer morning, the moon was still hanging in the sky at four o clock at four o clock in the morning. It was not yet awake, and the man who lived halfway up the hill was busy. To get out of the sun and clean... All the way, Mr.

  • How to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power station?

    We all know that economic benefit is the final comprehensive indicators of all economic activities.For the photovoltaic power station economic efficiency is how to think?Only from the cost, power quality, capacity to consider.A photovoltaic

  • The state will not abolish the subsidies

    The construction of photovoltaic power stations is becoming more and more popular with the implementation of subsidies and preferential policies of the state. But recently, there is a saying that the state will cancel subsidies. Thats just a

  • Do you have any benefits in the middle of the year?

    On June 9, 2017, the first half of the year has been over, and for the past six months, the staff and workers have made strenuous efforts to achieve remarkable achievements in the development of the company. This fully demonstrates the stron

  • The safety of distributed photovoltaic, you know?

    Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy total reserves in our country, our country land each year to accept the theory of solar radiant energy estimate of 1.47 x 10.8 billion KWH, is after hydropower, wind power in Chinas most lar

  • Is your photovoltaic plant eligible? Look at four!

    A good household photovoltaic power station has two characteristics: high capacity and stable operation. And such a good household photovoltaic power station is based on two: high-quality product quality and high-quality services of install

  • 2017 the opening of the Philippine international solar expo

    On May 24, 2017, the international solar energy official opening of the exhibition, I was invited to huangshan silver contact company, and has achieved fruitful results. The Philippines international solar exhibition is currently the largest

  • Our company's solar energy exhibition was a complete success

    On May 25th, after the success of the first day of the year, the company continued to maintain a good momentum. The crowd was busy in front of the exhibition hall, and the number of customers continued to increase. Although it was the last d

  • Photovoltaic, which makes idle resources reusable

    Industrial and commercial roof is a precious resource, not hearsay!If you leave it idle there may be a waste of resources!As roof business owners how to develop and utilize the resources? National energy administration earlier in the solar e

  • Welcome the clients to visit our company

    Huangshan silver contact new energy technology co., LTD. For a long time, always adhere to the most sincere service attitude, the most reliable product quality, the most preferential sale price as the goal, earnestly products production, sal

  • Silver consistent Classroom: photovoltaic system rural incom

    In most rural areas, photovoltaic systems are often installed on the roof, but the rural construction environment is complex and diverse, a lot of system construction, photovoltaic power generation is not ideal, so that users really worried

  • Energy development opportunities and challenges coexist

    The main energy consumption areas in China are concentrated in the economically developed coastal areas of Southeast china. For example, in a large gap between the amount of water resources in the year, the largest share of water resources

  • National Development and Reform Commission announced in 2017

    In December 26th, the national development and Reform Commission announced that, since January 1, 2017, reduce resource area of photovoltaic power plants, onshore wind power electricity, distributed photovoltaic subsidy standards and the be

  • Silver class: the importance of regular maintenance of solar

    Since the birth of life on earth, the sun has been continuously brought endless energy to the earth. In order to make rational use of the inexhaustible energy, solar power as a new renewable energy quietly rise. Today, the photovoltaic sola

  • Capacity algorithm of rural roof photovoltaic power station

    The neighbors have decorated the roof, installed photovoltaic systems on the roof, and spent money on it, he said. I also want to build one, but I dont know how much power the roof can hold. Whats the investment? This is a question of intere

  • Warmly welcome Beijing customers to visit our company!

    On May 11, 2017 morning, the customer a line of four people from Beijing to visit our company.I had to visit the chairman of the board of directors of the company led them, the company leaders personally warm reception. In order to make cust

  • This is the easiest way to make money right now

    When we were young and ignorant Have a simple dream is rich Older and older But the dream has become ever more remote... Until photovoltaics came up There was a ripple in my heart Cant help but question -- is there really something in the w

  • The end of the year heavy welfare incoming ~

    In December 26th, the national development and Reform Commission announced that, since January 1, 2017, reduce resource area of photovoltaic power plants, onshore wind power electricity, distributed photovoltaic subsidy standards and the be