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Dried food! On the ten problems in a photovoltaic grid

author:admin1Release time:2017-09-19 16:53


1., how to apply for distributed photovoltaic grid connected system access to Power Grid Corp?
Submit the application to the distributed project owners access to the city or county Power Grid Corp customer service center in the preparation of miss information, the customer service center to assist the owner to fill in the application form for access, access to the admissibility of the application in the Power Grid Corp within the time promised, the customer service center will notify the project owners to confirm the scheme of access system, after the completion of the project owners to the customer service center is put forward network acceptance and debugging applications, power grid enterprises will complete the electric energy metering device is installed, the sale of electricity purchase contracts and scheduling agreement, network acceptance and commissioning work, after the project can be electricity.
2. how can the electricity supply end up? How can I sell photovoltaic power to the grid?
Signed a relevant agreement after the Power Grid Corp on the Internet consumption inexhaustible Internet electricity metering and Power Grid Corp, according to the provisions of the State price and subsidy in accordance with the standard tariff settlement cycle timely payment to the project owner.

3. does it need cost to apply for access to distributed systems? What data does individual and enterprise apply for distributed PV grid connected system? What are the processes?
The applicant accepts, Power Grid Corp in the grid access system scheme establishment, access system engineering design review, metering device installation, contract and agreement signing, network acceptance and grid debugging, government subsidies metering and settlement services, do not charge any fees.
The natural and legal person applications for distributed PV power generation require the following information, respectively
Natural persons apply for the ID card and photocopies of the ID card, household register, property certificate and other legal supporting documents
The legal application must provide the ID card and a copy of the original book and corporate trustee (or the legal representative of the identity card and a copy of the original), carry out preparatory work law of enterprise business license, land certificates and other items of legitimacy for the government investment department, project approval documents agreed (to be approved by the project), the preparatory work for the project relevant information.
4., grid connected distributed photovoltaic systems to consider what problem?
Distributed photovoltaic grid connected photovoltaic system needs to consider the safety, configuration, measurement and settlement of problems, and whether the network switch in terms of security to meet the safety requirements and safety equipment in power system abnormality or fault on power failure can be reliably cut off to ensure personal safety.
In photovoltaic configuration, the configuration of PV capacity, selection of main equipment, access point selection, monitoring and control functions of the system, configuration and installation of anti islanding device.
In terms of measurement and settlement, billing and settlement methods, access to electricity prices, access to electricity subsidies needed materials, data and processes.

5. how can you get the support of the residential property and the consent of the neighbors when installing photovoltaic power generation system?
The real problem is an important problem to solve, to provide other owners, property, neighborhood consent, including proof in writing and signed by all the neighborhood where the unit and proof of residential property, the industry committee agreed, and stamped by the community neighborhood committee.
6. can the distribution work properly if the power grid fails or other faults occur?
After the power outage, distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are generally not out of operation, the normal power generation, but in some extreme cases may occur after the power outage that island phenomenon, the distributed generation system still with part load continues to run, affecting the personal safety, the possibility and the existence of destroyed household appliances and power facilities therefore, the distributed system must have the function of anti islanding.
7., has the local power company accepted the application for the grid connected PV system? What's the contact hotline?
The national Power Grid Corp for the interconnection of distributed generation to provide customer service center, 95598 service hotline, online business consulting and other channels, to provide grid project owners for the process description, to explain relevant policies and regulations, the grid work schedule query services, application integration of distributed photovoltaic can be handled by the local power company customer service center can also contact the national consultation. The Power Grid Corp service hotline for consultation.

8. what is a turnkey project?
General contracting of design, procurement and construction of the project, the last direct transfer operation is called turnkey projects, similar to generally contracting meaning for distributed photovoltaic power generation project user installation works in accordance with the scene and determine access solutions, engineering design and equipment selection, construction and acceptance, the scene grid, grid debugging process, to provide full service, by directly receiving the whole project, immediately put into operation hair, called a turnkey project.
9., how to calculate the subsidies for distributed PV grid connected?
China's current electricity price of photovoltaic power generation has two kinds of settlement, the first is approved by the state or local price, because the price approval department is difficult to grasp the true cost of photovoltaic power generation, so it has great randomness. The second is the concession bidding price, through the public bidding way to select investors in the power plant. The net subsidy price depends on the specific circumstances.
10., photovoltaic grid and subsidies to receive steps reference