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Installation case: 400KW power station and network successfu

author:admin1Release time:2017-12-20 16:16

 The good news, good news, by our company is a large-scale photovoltaic power station officially completed, and has set up a parallel operation, the success is WBH ah, the construction of the site is in zhejiang sanxin network technology co., LTD., the roof of 400 kw photovoltaic blue is spread on the roof, the effect is really very beautiful, here is to show you.

The brackets are set up and the photovoltaic panels are going to be laid.

See, the installers are working hard to give their dedication to the work.

Our professional master is making the final check and debugging.

Well, our overall effect is coming out, thunk

How, the effect is not perfect. We will continue to work hard and create more wonderful. Huangshan yinqixin energy technology co., LTD. Thank you for your support.