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What happens when snow falls on photovoltaic power stations?

author:admin1Release time:2018-01-05 15:13


1. how to do it snow
Remember two points, one is the large Angle to install solar panels. This reduces the snow accumulation, the trouble of removing snow from time to time. \"In you hesitate whether to choose 30 or 40 degrees, 40 degrees, apparently, is a better solution.\" If you split the photovoltaic panels on the ground, think about the snow or pollutants must stay a long time on the photovoltaic panels, oneself will not slide down. Two is installed above the ground keep a little distance, snow will not slip in the accumulation at the bottom, so slowly accumulate to cover the entire battery components.
2.How to clear the snow
If there is a heavy accumulation of snow on the post-snow components, it is necessary to clean the snow. You can use the soft goods to push the snow down, and be careful not to scratch the glass. The component is a certain load, but can not be swept on the component, can cause the component to be cracked or damaged, affecting the life of the component. Don't wait until the snow is thickly cleaned, so that the components don't freeze.
In many cases, the effect of snow is small in promoting photovoltaic power generation. If the snow does not cover the components, the snow on the ground will be like a mirror that will send the sun's rays back, so that the amount of electricity will increase. But if the snow is completely covered, only a small fraction of the sun's sunlight goes through the snow to the photovoltaic module, which will affect the photovoltaic power generation.
3. Clearing snow cover matters
Be sure to use soft objects to prevent scratches and reduce the amount of light transmitted by the battery.
It is important to be careful not to use hot water to flush the surface of the battery.
Must be careful not to step on the component to clean up, the component has a certain load bearing requirement, may cause the component to hide or damage, affect the life of the component.
Be careful not to wait for the snow to thicken before rinsing, lest the component freeze.
Remove the snow from the snow. If only a small amount of snow is left on the panels, it will also be cleaned up and the blocked panels will be completely ineffective, resulting in a significant reduction in the efficiency of the inverter generation.