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The fastest growing job is a photovoltaic installer?

author:admin1Release time:2018-01-11 10:02


As the country's new rural construction, more and more people from cities to rural areas, to build a beautiful home. Then at home to do the line of the most profitable? Of course is the most fire industry, photovoltaic power generation!
Recently, the latest forecast report, double the annual employment in this report are given respectively, in the next 10 years the fastest decline in annual salary and fastest-growing professional categories, please see the following data:

The fastest growing salary in the next decade is a photovoltaic installer! The potential of photovoltaic power generation is huge! A roof for your installation of photovoltaic (pv), can generate electricity save their electricity bills, get subsidies for 0.37 yuan/degree, can also sell the excess electricity to the national grid every month has a fixed source, how to calculate is a good deal.

The benefits of installing photovoltaic power generation.
Solar energy is inexhaustible, and the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth is 6,000 times greater than the amount of energy that humans currently consume. Moreover, solar energy is widely distributed on the earth. As long as there is light, photovoltaic power generation system can be used, which is not restricted by geographical and altitude factors.
Solar energy is available everywhere, but nearby power supply is not needed for long distance transmission, which avoids the power loss caused by long-distance transmission lines.
Photovoltaic energy conversion process is simple, it is directly from the light energy into electrical energy conversion, no middle process (such as heat energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy is converted to electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical movement, there is no mechanical wear and tear. According to the thermodynamic analysis, photovoltaic power generation has high theoretical power generation efficiency, which can reach over 80%, and the potential of technology development is huge.
Photovoltaic itself does not use fuel, no emissions, including greenhouse gas and other gases, any material that does not pollute the air, no noise, friendly to environment, will not suffer from the energy crisis or fuel market instability caused by the impact, is a new type of renewable energy in real green environmental protection.
The photovoltaic power generation process does not require cooling water and can be mounted on desert gobi without water. Photovoltaic power generation can also be conveniently combined with buildings to form an integrated photovoltaic power generation system, which does not require separate land, which can save valuable land resources.
Photovoltaic power generation without mechanical transmission parts, operation, maintenance is simple, the operation is stable and reliable. A photovoltaic power generation system can generate electricity as long as the solar cell components are available, and the widespread adoption of automatic control technology can basically realize unattended and low maintenance cost.
The performance of photovoltaic power generation system is stable and reliable with long service life (over 30 years). Crystalline silicon solar cells can last up to 20 to 35 years. In the photovoltaic power generation system, as long as the design is reasonable, the selection is appropriate, the battery life can be as long as 10 ~ 15 years.
The solar cell module is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, convenient for transportation and installation. Photovoltaic power generation system has a short construction period, and it is easy to combine and expand according to the capacity of power load. Solar cells are a promising new power source with three advantages: permanence, cleanliness and flexibility. Solar cells do not cause environmental pollution compared with thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. Solar cells can be large and medium sized, ranging from a midsize power station to a megawatt, to an independent solar power system that can only be used by one household. These features are unmatched by other power sources.
With photovoltaic power station, is the national vigorously promote the way of comprehensive utilization of clean energy, as long as there is idle roof can install, spontaneous for self-use, surplus electricity to the Internet, state subsidies for 20 years, the yield more than 10%, people with money, countries can also promote new energy, fully staffed. There are so many benefits of photovoltaic power generation! Photovoltaic power generation must be able to walk into thousands of homes! What are you waiting for in the next ten years to build your home?